Announcing: POST IT SHOW 13 @ Giant Robot in Los Angeles

I am thrilled to announce that I will once again be participating in my favorite exhibition of the year: Giant Robot Gallery (GR2)'s POST IT NOTE SHOW! This year we celebrate the 13th annual exhibition featuring 300+ Artists' works on 3 x 3" Post Its, all curated by Artist Mark Todd and Giant Robot owner, Eric Nakamura. 



I am always up for an Art Adventure and this Fall I have been looking forward to PIN-PAL-PALOOZA hosted by Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA. Have you caught the PIN collecting craze? Four years ago I wanted to create some enamel pins for my Etsy shop and thought maybe the "phase" would pass too quickly. A year later, I was sure it would be over soon and I'd missed my chance. At this point, not only have I been collecting my favorite artists' pins, but I am definitely going to need to make some of my own! PIN-PAL-PALOOZA gathered dozens of local artists and designers and really pinned down my determination to join in! 

Nocturnal Lullaby: Surface Pattern Design Process + FREE Desktop Wallpaper Download

Don't you just love seeing the process behind a designers' or artists' work? I am fascinated by where, how, when, and why my favorite creators CREATE! After sharing a recent moodboard on my blog last week, I decided to share my process and the development of a final surface pattern design with you this week. Let's see where it all starts...


This transitional palette blends warm and cool tones that are reminiscent of sunny days and chilly nights, especially here in Southern California where temperatures during the day still linger in the 80s and 90s throughout the Fall months. Moths are popping up in a variety of markets including quilting fabrics, home decor, and gifts. Their soft and slightly iridescent wings are sweet and ever drawn to the Light, like the innocence of a newborn.