I am always up for an Art Adventure and this Fall I have been looking forward to PIN-PAL-PALOOZA hosted by Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA. Have you caught the PIN collecting craze? Four years ago I wanted to create some enamel pins for my Etsy shop and thought maybe the "phase" would pass too quickly. A year later, I was sure it would be over soon and I'd missed my chance. At this point, not only have I been collecting my favorite artists' pins, but I am definitely going to need to make some of my own! PIN-PAL-PALOOZA gathered dozens of local artists and designers and really pinned down my determination to join in! 

This awesome illustration and animation gallery is only a few miles from my home in Pasadena and I am always grateful for the incredible events and exhibitions that they organize to support both emerging and seasoned artists, alike!

For this year's second PIN-PAL-PALOOZA event, the team at Gallery Nucleus invited over 30 artists and designers from LA and beyond for a bustling mini-convention for all things enamel/lapel pin-related. Like you, I love seeing what my favorite artists are up to on Instagram and the fact that social media allows us all to share things in real time still kind of blows my mind. I had been following one of my favs, Michele Romo of Crowded Teeth, on Instagram and her newest pieces were at the top of my list. 

When I arrived at the gallery, I made a beeline for Michelle's booth. This woman's CUTE, quirky style is my jam. 

The best thing about Art Adventures is discovering new artists! I thoroughly enjoyed scoping out the show, seeing some old favorites and meeting new designer heartthrobs.

Guys, this Snack Time patch from Night Cake Press is an otter drinking a juice box!


The show was packed, both upstairs and downstairs, and both male and female artists were well represented, which always makes me happy to see. I can't complain about it being crowded when it means the community is being supported so well. 


Since I have been collecting pins and patches for a couple years now, I had a few things in mind I specifically looking for and it was hard to decide just which pieces I was going to go home with. I am not gonna lie- my heart is sad I had to pass on a few, but there will always be the next Art Adventure!

I felt like I totally scored with this lot by Michelle Romo of Crowded Teeth (band-aid patch, severed arm pin) and Night Cake Press (otter patch). 

So, now that I'm fully inspired to get into gear and order some pins with my own designs, which of my characters would you like to see turned into pins? I'm thinking my logo is going to have to be a must for some special giveaways, for sure! Until the next Art Adventure, friends, let's make some CUTE stuff! XO


CREDITS: Introduction Photo (Pin Collection) belongs to Gallery Nucleus. Follow them on Instagram for more awesome events!


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