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Announcing: POST IT SHOW 13 @ Giant Robot in Los Angeles

I am thrilled to announce that I will once again be participating in my favorite exhibition of the year: Giant Robot Gallery (GR2)'s POST IT NOTE SHOW! This year we celebrate the 13th annual exhibition featuring 300+ Artists' works on 3 x 3" Post Its, all curated by Artist Mark Todd and Giant Robot owner, Eric Nakamura. 

Nocturnal Lullaby: Surface Pattern Design Process + FREE Desktop Wallpaper Download

Don't you just love seeing the process behind a designers' or artists' work? I am fascinated by where, how, when, and why my favorite creators CREATE! After sharing a recent moodboard on my blog last week, I decided to share my process and the development of a final surface pattern design with you this week. Let's see where it all starts...