This transitional palette blends warm and cool tones that are reminiscent of sunny days and chilly nights, especially here in Southern California where temperatures during the day still linger in the 80s and 90s throughout the Fall months. Moths are popping up in a variety of markets including quilting fabrics, home decor, and gifts. Their soft and slightly iridescent wings are sweet and ever drawn to the Light, like the innocence of a newborn.

From sheer fabrics and cozy flannels, this moodboard calls for layers and a turn in the seasons.

Image Map

Check back at the end of the week to see my latest pattern, Nocturnal Nursery, inspired by the works I've gathered here. To learn more about the artwork and designers featured, please click on each image for a direct link to their original source. 

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I love following trends, stalking store shelves big and small, and the hottest trending pages to the tiniest nooks and crannies of the internet to gather inspiration. If you are interested in having me create moodboards for your next product line, contact me here:



bright days and cold

bright days and cold evenings, particularly here in Southern California where temperatures amid the day still wait in the 90s all through the Fall months. Moths are flying up in an assortment of business sectors including stitching textures, home stylistic theme, and blessings. Their delicate and somewhat brilliant wings are sweet and ever attracted to the Light, similar to the purity of an infant.

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It sounds like you're

It sounds like you're describing the weather and moth activity in Southern California during the fall months. Despite the high temperatures during the day, the evenings can be cold and moths can be seen flying around in various markets, such as those selling sewing fabrics, home decor, and gifts. Moths are known fnf their soft and slightly shiny wings, and their attraction to light, similar to the innocence and purity of a baby.

This palette captures the

This palette captures the essence of Southern California's unique fall temperatures. The incorporation of moths as a design heic to jpg element adds a touch of delicacy and connection to the concept of innocence and light.


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This post features a

This post features a moodboard inspired by moths and constellations for hogwarts legacy map a nocturnal nursery. The palette blends warm and cool tones that reflect the transition from sunny days to chilly nights in Southern California during the Fall months.

It's always fascinating to

It's always fascinating to observe the fnaf natural world around us, and the presence of moths in different settings can add a unique touch of beauty to our everyday lives. Thank you for sharing your observations and thoughts.

Your comparison of moths to

Your comparison of moths to the innocence of a baby is quite poetic. It is true that cut the rope both are drawn to light and possess a certain purity. I hope that you continue to enjoy the changing weather and the beauty of nature around you.

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